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In a year with 13 moons (1978)

In A Year With 13 Moons

By Adam Thomas

Wednesday February 1, 2006

Rainer Werner Fassbinder From the great, gay weirdo Rainer Fassbinder comes the lonely and desperate tale of a Transsexual named Edwin. After being jilted, Edwin meets up with a new lover named Anton. In an attempt to win Anton’s dedicated affection, Edwin becomes Elvira. Unfortunately Anton thought they just had “a thing” and still isn’t interested. While this sounds straight forward, the film is not. Embodying all the complications that might come with those seeking reassignment the film comes complete with baffling human behaviour, religious imagery, friendly prostitutes, daring lighting and suicide, not all in that order. Then there is also Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001), and The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1998). In Adv. of SC, Cole’s stepfather/mother Hank/Henrietta is a strong supporting character who others may see as unstable and confused, but is at her core morally grounded. Hedwig offers a musically guided, first person, eastern block outpouring of emotional experiences and physical tragedies as performed fucking wickedly by writer/director James Cameron Mitchell.