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Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

By Adam Thomas

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Far be it from us to actually agree with other critics, let alone the general public but, well, they didn’t fuck this one up. Sure, 19 years is a long time to be waiting on a viable idea, so it’d better be good, but together, Lucas and Spielberg have managed to make all the right choices. We didn’t even notice Shia LaBoeuf. Totally fine. And having Karen Allen return as Marion? Thank God. No, there are no Nazis, it’s set in 1957 so it’s nasty KGB agents instead, but for a big bad bundle of Sunday afternoon fun, it’s got it all. The punch sounds, the stone-doors closing, the travel map stuff and tons of rad chases and runnings away from things. And there’s plenty of “first three film” references to keep all the geeks, like the guy who wore the hat, jacket and bullwhip to the world premier we got to go see, happy. What? No cell phones, but you can bring a fucking whip? [ED. Actually, he has mental problems.] Still.