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Monday May 12, 2008


Great Debaters
Produced by Oprah, directed by Denzel Washington, and starring Denzel, Forrest Whitaker and Forrests’s son Denzel Whitaker this should have been a Movie of the Week kind of powder piece about a real life African American college debate team from a small racist Texas town that goes up against the Harvard debate team back in 1935. Well, it is about that but somehow the story really is inspiring, the acting is credible and we kind of liked it. No we did like it. It’s a true unknown underdog story that has it all. Drinking, debating, left wing politics and lynching. Speaking of lynching, did you know the term comes from Charles Lynch, a guy who slave owners would bring in to “break” their slaves? Creepy. See movies can make you smarter.

I’m Not There
A traditional biopic this ain’t. Six people inhabit the character (some real, some not) of Bob Dylan. It’s pretty cool, and yes, Cate Blanchett is maybe the best Bob Dylan this side of Bob Dylan. But really, see what we thought when it came out.

Mad Money
Forty to fifty-year-old women must be some of the dumbest people on earth, in the eyes of Hollywood. Like seriously, we’re just guessing here, but didn’t most episodes of Full House have a more fleshed-out plot than this piece of shit? Whatever, to hell with the plot. It doesn’t even matter. What matters is KATIE HOLMES! We forgot she could talk! It’s so weird, because since we totally keep up with our gossip (duh) we’re very used to seeing Katie on a daily basis – in photos, but still. And yet, she hasn’t been in a single movie since she married Xenu… Until this one, and it’s super strange because you can tell from her interpretation of what she was told a semi-normal, semi-down-on-her-luck chick who loooooves to dance might behave that she hasn’t interacted with an actual human being since she gave birth to L. Ron Jr. It’s bizarre, and she looks bizarre, and crazy Dianne Keaton and Queen Latifah and her floppy boobs don’t help either.