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Monday April 21, 2008


Charlie Wilson’s War
At first we we were all like “Oh great. Another Philip Seymour Hoffman movie. Is he gonna play another freak-o?” After we watched him do Marisa Tomei doggystyle in Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, we’d had enough. But then out comes Phil, and he’s great, playing a jaded CIA agent who helps a US Congressman, Charlie Wilson, organise a way to covertly fund the Taliban in their fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the ’80s. And despite the fact that the movie has Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts AND Phil, it’s almost really good. By almost, we mean that it unfortunately does exactly what the US government did – goes full on with the action and just kind of leaves us empty and alone at the end, without any real follow through. Way to go, fucknuts.

The Savages
By far the best Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie of the week, and also one of the best movies we’ve seen in a while. Here Phil plays a Brecht scholar, second fiddle to Laura Linney, his playwright wannabe, fucking a bald married guy sister. Both of them are super smart, but their lives, predictably, are kinda messed up – Laura’s more than Phil’s. And then they get a bit more fucked up when their elderly, dementia having father’s GF eats it, and they need to put him in a home. It’s a pretty sad affair, because getting old is scary. But getting old is also funny. While the movie may be dark as fuck, and hyper real beyond belief, it is also hilarious at times, specifically the times when their dad does funny old people things like pee in diapers and have his pants fall down by accident and stuff. Did we mention that getting old is scary?

They should have NEVER shown us the monster. Seriously.