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Friday March 21, 2008

Rest assured nobody named Gordon is ever going to save the world. That doesn’t mean though that you should pass on our special viewing of Flash Gordon that we’ll be hosting at our living room away from our living room, the Astoria Hotel, this Monday.

If the outrageous and campy sets, Queen soundtrack, and homo-eroticism of a man named Gordon flying through space in tight slacks doesn’t entice you into attending, then watching a movie with Hastings Street residents certainly will.

Oh, the stories we could tell. From the guy that displayed the proper way to do a high leg kick to everyone during Rocky III, or the poor fellow that told us all about his dying girlfriend while we were fully engrossed in House Party, to the drunken asshole who insisted on playing Van Halen OU812 in its entirety on the jukebox in the middle of They Live.

It’s always a rousing affair. Especially when the cheap pitchers of beer that really fuck us over the next day start to kick in, and members of the audience uncontrollably start screaming at the screen that is permanently tinted with nicotine.

Let’s just say we’re providing you with a service. A service that is especially needed on nauseating holidays that force you to eat with people you’d rather strangle. Why not spend this Easter in a safe environment, enjoying a drink with your real friends, and using it as an excuse to get wasted on a Monday while watching Gordon once again, try to save the world.

Flash Gordon: Astoria Hotel – 9pm

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