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ROCKY III... Tonight!

By Adam Thomas

Monday February 4, 2008

It doesn’t get much better than this. The third installment in the saga of everyone’s favourite Italian Stallion finds Rocky living in the lap of luxury after he’s reached the top of the boxing world. Having fought his way to the top over the course of the first two movies, Rocky’s gotten soft, and that ain’t no good if you have any inclination to defend your title against a hungry and badass mutherfucker named Clubber Lang, who menacingly quips “I pity the fool.” Mr. T plays Lang and is so rad in this pugilistic classic that you totally forget he released two albums in the ’80s targeted at kids titled Mr. T’s Commandments and Be Somebody… or Be Somebodys Fool! and is in real life a Born Again Christian and a practitioner of chaos magic.

9pm @ The Astoria. TONIGHT. FREE.