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Monday January 28, 2008

In trying to figure out what movie to present this week we went through a lot of options. In the end we discovered that half our editorial staff has an unconscionable fear of clowns and the other half has a deep affinity for the widely misunderstood and under-appreciated art. But we all agreed that drinking is fun, so we settled on Shakes The Clown, Bob (cat) Golthwait’s alcoholic, womanizing clown movie about Shakes and his gang of clown friends who must try to clear their names after they are framed for beating a guy with a bowling pin. It’s pretty messy. There’s piss and booze and blow and lots of freaky clowns — perfect for Monday. Plus you get a free beer if you have your own clown nose, so….

Movie Starts @ 9pm Sharp at The Astoria…TONIGHT. FREE