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Monday January 21, 2008


The Hunting Party
There’s just something about the smugness with movies that are, well, that have Richard Gere in them. This one’s about journalists after that “last big story” involving the world’s most wanted Bosnian war criminal, The Fox. And Richie G is really into it. He’s got that “All I care about is my work” thing down pat. Like in American Gigolo. That shit eating “I’m totally rad, for really acting as this guy” smug grin taunts you. TAUNTS YOU! Not to mention it’s hard to take Terrence Howard seriously ever since we found out that he expects women to wipe with “wet-ones” after they pee in order to keep clean… weirdo.

Wedding Daze
In case the fact that Jason Biggs stars in this film didn’t give it away, Wedding Daze was a straight to DVD release. A brief plot synopsis explains why: Guy asks girlfriend to marry him, girlfriend has heart attack and dies, guy becomes confused and asks every woman he meets to marry him on the spot, one idiot waitress says yes, we turn off the movie. Sad thing is that Wedding Daze is the film that Michael Ian Black decided to pop his directorial cherry on. He was in that thing The State we always rave about, and also Stella and a million little supporting roles. Here’s pictures of the three of them nutting for the camera. Very disturbing.

Family Guy – Blue Harvest
While this went straight to DVD a whole week ago, we weren’t in any rush to watch it because nobody really cares about Family Guy anymore and we didn’t want to seem behind the times. But then we were like, “fuck the times!” But then the times were like, “only after we fuck you first.” All that watching the characters from Family Guy act out the entire original Star Wars did was make us want to watch the actual original Star Wars… and so we turned it off and did just that. Goodbye Saturday!

Saw IV
None of us bothered to see the second or third installments of the Saw series, but we were bored and decided to jump into part four completely blind. It felt weird, and we fell asleep to the mesmerising sound of screams… It is a slooooow week.