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Monday November 26, 2007


Mr. Bean’s Holiday
All we can say about this is thank god Rowan Atkinson decided to go back to his tried and true persona and kept the movie simple. No more of this wink-wink thing where he’s a bumbling spy or something. Nope. Just, good old fashioned bumbling Mr. Bean going on a holiday to the French Riviera. He gets lost in train stations, spills stuff, breaks stuff and nonchalantly causes accidents and mix-ups everywhere he goes. Oh sure, he gets mixed up with some movie shenanigans and whatnot, but it’s no big deal. Now, it may not be cool to like Mr. Bean once you’re over 12, but there is just something so innocent and pure about the guy… and whatever, he did put a fucking turkey on his head.

Hot Rod
A few of us came home really drunk a few nights ago and tried to watch this movie. Apparently we all passed out about five minutes in, and blacked out all parts that we saw almost entirely. Even so, when we woke up and didn’t remember any of the movie, we did remember it sucking. We remember thinking it sucked, but we couldn’t remember why. So last night we gave it another shot. With the anticipation of a lame movie, at first we were all “Meh, this is just Napoleon Dynamite meets Jackass,” which is pretty much exactly what it is. But hey, as the film progressed and our pre-conceptions went out the door, we started laughing harder and harder, and realised this movie is actually a lot funnier than we expected. It’s still sort of off at times; Andy Sandberg is rad on SNL, but not entirely buyable outside of sketch-comedy. Still, there are some truly hilarious moments in this film. We recommend.

There is something oddly empowering but also posthumously tragic about this Good Girl style movie. A waitress trapped in a loveless marriage to a chauvinist idjit named Early who falls in love with the towns new doctor. Oh yeah, she also makes the world’s best pies…THE best pies, you hear? In fact these pies are going to be her ticket out of town and if she can win the state pie contest she can give her new, unborn baby the life she never had. The cast is all on the same page and the movie is filled with “kooky” small town characters, but the “pie” subtext was a little too.. uhm… rich for us. The real tragedy, though, is the after story about Adrienne Shelley, the film’s director who was murdered in the most fucked up way right after she’d just finished editing the movie. Murder is always such a bummer.

I Know Who Killed Me
Looking in my own eyes, hey Lord, I can’t find the love I want. Someone better slap me, before I start to rust. Before I start to decompose. Looking in my rearview mirror. Looking in my rearview mirror. I can make it disappear. I can make it disappear, have no fear. I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my aeroplane. It’s my aeroplane. Songbird sweet and sour Jane, and music is my aeroplane. It’s my aeroplane. Pleasure spiked with pain… If you loved that song, you’ll like this movie.

See what we said when it was in theaters because we’re lazy.