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Clark and Michael

By Chuck Ansbacher

Tuesday August 21, 2007

If you’re like everybody, you went to see Superbad last weekend and you’re fiending hard for anything with more Michael Cera in it. At 19 the kid is a total champ of comedy. His awkward delivery is unparalleled, and his boyish body language is priceless. If you were an Arrested Development fan you’ve known this for years, and you’re shitting your pants with excitement that Michael seems bound to have a long, productive, funny career ahead of him. But what do you do if you’ve got all three seasons of Arrested memorized, seen Impossible is the Opposite of Possible a zillion times, and are still hungry for Cera?

You watch Clark and Michael, the best internet TV show since Yacht Rock. On this endlessly buzzed about gem, Michael teams up with his pre-destined counterpart, Clark Duke. You might recognize Clark from his small role as “Party Teenager #1” in Superbad, and that’s it. The kid is a total nobody. He doesn’t even have a photo on IMDB. But that’s going to last for all of a week. With Superbad as huge as it is, and Clark and Michael as funny as it is, Clark is going places.

Clark and Michael is brilliant comedy, and is written, directed, produced and edited entirely by the stars themselves. It’s probably the funniest anyone has been at such a young age since the Muppet Babies. Arrested Development alums like David Cross and the guy who played Buster make awesome cameos, but they get totally overshadowed by the two stars. If these guys continue to kill like they do on this show, the future of comedy is going to be pretty damn good.