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A Dozen Things Dec 1

Dozen Things

By only

Friday December 1, 2006

Anti War Film Festival
Two whole days filled with documentaries that essentially prove that war sucks and those who want it are fuckers. Don’t be a fucker. AOT
Dec 16-17 @ Britannia Community Center

The Blood of My Brother
Even the festival coordinators are waiting for this one. Taking us directly into the mood and mind of modern Iraq, this documentary captures the real life frustration of a Shiite named Ibrahim who is faced with thoughts of avenging his brother’s death by joining the insurgency, and the desperate reality of keeping his said brother’s business open to support his family.
Dec 16-17 @ Britannia Community Center

Blingo Flix
Blim has a bingo machine now, so they’re celebrating by showing movies, serving refreshments, and giving out some prizes. We know you’ve been hanging out at Planet Bingo, chain smoking, hanging with the locals, talking about the price of a loaf these days, and waiting hard for your spread of cards to pay out, so this shouldn’t be a stretch.
Dec 8 @ Blim

We were hooked on Low B’s groundbreaking mix tape “Snap of Die” all summer long. It was a boon of minimal, candy coated snap-rap, and further proved that Low B, much like his Hollertronic buddyfriend Diplo, is on a bit of a different level. But so what, right? He’s just another hipster DJ. What’s he done for us lately? CA
Dec 14 @ Shine

Regis Painchaud, who turned a squat into one of the most gorgeous creative spaces in the city, has been given an eviction notice from the city effective on November 30th. Though it may be too late, information and a petition can be found at

Porky’s 25th Anniversary Edition
Before Britney and Lindsay showed us their beavs, there was a more wholesome approach to nudity…the teen sex comedy. Along with Revenge of the Nerds, this movie tackled pubescent nudity, racism and male insecurity, and went on to become the most lucrative “Canadian” film ever. Peepholes and hair-pies forever. AOT
Available now on DVD

Repetition. Doing something over and over again, until it repeats. Parliament of Owls (POO) an arts and crafts collective that loves cookies, repeat themselves by doing something they’ve never done, except for the last time. This time they have a show at Midtown, 438 W. Pender, opening Dec. 8 and lasting until… they don’t anymore. (Full disclosure: some of the POO is mine.) AH