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A Dozen Things Nov 15, 2006

Dozen Things

By only

Wednesday November 15, 2006

Video Game Orgy
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start. If you have any inkling as to what that means–or you can at least memorize it­–you’re sure to score at the Video Game Orgy. There’ll be old school console games, projections (and other technical marvels of visual consumption), couches and DJ’s, all at Video In.
Nov 18th 5-8 @ Video In

If Youtube dies tomorrow, this will be your best chance to see the latest in cutting-edge music videos, since they don’t actually play videos on Much Music anymore. There’s also a short film programme, a Radiohead retropsective and Nike is sponsoring the opening night party…Swoosh!
Nov. 17-19 @ Vancity Theatre

Angry Monk
When the Taliban blew up those 300 foot Buddhas you knew they were evil. ‘Cause out of everyone, Buddhists are easy-going, gentle folk. Not entirely. This doc is about Gendun Choepel, one pissed off Tibetan monk who questioned his own faith and government and died in prison in 1951, way before the Taliban.
Nov. 20, 22-24, 26-27 @ Vancity Theatre

Cobalt Soft-core comedy
Can’t keep a good cockroach down. The Cobalt has survived this city’s many attempts to crush it, and it laughs. Aubrey Tennant and Paul Anthony host a bi-weekly comedy night every second Tuesday. You’ve missed the first one, with Graham Clark and Mr. Plow, but bi-weekly means fortnightly. Join the vermin and snicker.
Nov 28 @ the Cobalt

Pattern Trilogy
It’s a rare thing to be compared to Wes Anderson and have it be kind of true, but Vancouver filmmaker Jamie Travis has a genuine eye for formalist detail and experimental narratives and his short films have played all over this country this year. His Patterns trilogy is a wild series of films that blend stylized scenes, music, and dark lyrical situations with a perfectionist’s eye for composition. We’re not trying to kiss this guys ass, but its is always exciting when a local kid makes good movies.
Nov 28 @ the Anza

The Turkish Wizard Of Oz
The Wizard of Oz we all know was the first time thousands of little people were gathered together in one place, and backstage it turned into a genuine sex party. Little arms and little legs writhing in full grown bliss. The Turkish version features a man in brown pajamas as the cowardly lion and Oz is a skull sitting on a flaming table. Go figure.
Screening on Nov. 30th @ BLIM

Transparent Rolling Papers
A girl came up to me in a bar and asked me if I wanted to see the future. She pulled out a joint that was rolled with pure air. It was like the dope was magically held together in a thin cylinder. No, those sparkles aren’t the magic suspending it there. It’s the cellophane-like, see-through rolling paper. The future is made out of cellulose and burns like a dream..