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A Dozen Things : Nov 1 2006

By only

Wednesday November 1, 2006

Amensty International Film Festival
Sex Slaves, Total Denial, (Hate) Machine, Martyr Street. No, this ain’t the track list from the latest Body Count record. It’s the “killer” lineup from this year’s most socially conscious film fest. It is understandably a bit of a downer, so pat yourself on the back for checking it out.
November 2-5 @ Pacific Cinematheque

Star Wars-Transformers Toy
In a move equivalent to shotgunning Fresca out of the Holy Grail, Star Wars toys have mated with Transformers, giving them the ability to turn into robots–and just in time for the release of Michael Bay’s blockbuster adaptation. It’s not that Transformers are horrible, it’s just that Star Wars toys are unflappable, and making them transform into robots should be punishable by Rancoring.

Yeah, Nostradamus did floss pretty hard. He prophesised all this outlandish shit, and didn’t stamp a date on any of it. When (aside from the bogus 1500s) would that be considered even remotely credible? And honestly, what good would it do anyone? “One day, some guy will try to kill the Jews.” Thanks a lot, beardo.
Nov 10 Limerick Junction, Nov 11 Shine

Inspired by SWARM there now comes HIVE, eleven of Vancouver’s and Victoria’s best small theatre companies will be setting up in a warehouse divided into cells to perform short pieces over and over for audiences of no more than 20 at a time. Boca del Lupo, Radix, Rumble, Electric Company, The Only Animal, Leaky Heaven and… five more.
November 9-11, 304 Dunlevy Ave

Qualities Of Zero
From Victoria’s Atomic Vaudeville, the folks who did the amazing/weird/funny/hyphen Fringe show Legoland, comes Qualities of Zero. A grieving neuroscientist, unable to cope with his emotions, gives himself a drug which nullifies feelings, then meets a series of crackpots who feel too much. A philososphical farce with filth and pratfalls.
November 1-19, Waterfront Theatre 1419 Cartwright St

From the Tsars to the Stars
Stalker and Solaris are two of the most essential science-fiction movies ever. They’re so essential–and long–that it’s almost disrespectful to call them sci-fi. While most sci-fi fans debate the integrity of action figures, Russian sci-fi fans complain about the lack of metaphysical realism in cinema, and know there are even better, longer Russian movies you’ve never seen.
Nov 1-22 @ Pacific Cinematheque

Leeside Tunnel Roast
In an effort to raise money for the Lee Matasi Memorial Skatepark, Moja coffee has donated a custom roast. Every cent of the $15 bag of coffee goes towards the rebuilding of the tunnel. They need a lot of money so stock up. In fact, just give them your day’s tips while you’re at it. For more information about the project go to
Buy the cofffee at Antisocial Skate Shop