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Sunday October 15, 2006

While most of the media has opted to ignore the fact that the world is totally fucked–turning the news into a traveling circus of over-opinionated side-parts and acquiescent botox junkies–Amy Goodman has risen to the top as the most relentless voice in modern journalism. She’s celebrating ten years on the air, which is great. CA
(Vancouver Public Library–Oct 28)

Michael Apted has constructed a seemingly impossible series of documentaries for 42 years now. Every seven years he interviews the same group of people he has since they were seven years old. These documentaries are a brutally honest look at modern, British, white life in the latter half of the 20th century. CR
(Pacific Cinematheque–Oct 19-21)

Reese Terris has constructed a three-storey Chinese arching “bridge” between his second-floor patio and his neighbor’s patio. You missed the opening and it’s in his backyard, so you can’t really get a good look. But you can see it from the left-hand side of McSpadden Avenue just off Commercial Drive. Get stalking. SA
(Reese Terris’ backyard, McSpadden Ave)

Stones Throw is a pretty solid label. Over 10 years they’ve released some must-have compilations, all of Madlib’s brilliant projects and, of course, Gary Wilson’s resurrection. To celebrate, they’ve released a CD/DVD collaboration with Adult Swim called Chrome Children that they are touring. It’s full of animated music videos and live footage. Which amounts to a lot of skinny, white arms loosely waving like they simply don’t care about anything. CR
(October 21st @ Richards)

In certain corners of record-store scholarship, anybody who’s seen Sex Negatives is forever indebted to John Cage, late giant of experimental composition. A primary advocate of the play-now-ask-questions-later axiom that is widespread among today’s noise proponents, Cage left in his wake major damage to ideas like “instruments” and “music.” This tribute series features performances by some of the world’s go-to people for Cage interpretation, many also influential in their own right. KG
??(October 18-22, New Music )

If you’re single and dating, you’ve got to know how to kayak. It’s a must. Taking a date for a jaunt around False Creek while wildlife frolics around you and your potential lover will undoubtedly bring positive results. DL
(Register at Meet Market Adventures )

ED WOOD’S ORGY OF THE DEAD Tap-dancing trailer trash zombies with bleeding nipples and sacrificial victims who pour buckets of corn syrup and blood down their coconut-covered cleavage. Do we really need to sell Screaming Chicken Cabaret’s remount of this show? Info at AH
(WISE Hall–Oct 19-21)