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Sunday October 1, 2006

This is the film we decided to present at the VIFF. It looks a whole lot like Sin City and Blade Runner got together, moved to Paris, ate some jambon, did some parkour and made a baby. It’s fully animated, and the first people to email [email protected] go see it for free. AOT
(Granville Cinema–Oct [email protected]:30pm)

A friend of ours was in line for a David Sedaris book signing. After complimenting her on her amazing complexion, he asked if she knew about any good places to eat around the bookstore. She told him there was a great Chinese restaurant just across the street. His response was “Yeah… I don’t particularly care for Chineeese…” AP
(Chan Centre for Performing Arts­–Nov 1)

We were about to write something serious about how seeing Bone Thugs sans Bizzy Bone is like eating fried chicken without hot sauce, or beer without bubbles, but then “Notorious Thugs” came on and we realised that we’d give up fried chicken itself for at least a year just to see these guys once. And on Friday the 13th? Snap. CA
(Plaza Nightclub–Oct 13)

Not since Ghostbusters I or II: River of Slime has the world been so captivated by ghosts. The Or Gallery, Cinematheque and Dr. Egon Spengler have put together a new exhibition and magazine that hopes to bridge the gap between art, politics and the ‘otherside.’ A film component will be held opening night and will not feature Ghost Dad. CR
(Or Gallery and Pacific Cinematheque–Oct 14)

Whether it’s Paraguay to visit what’s left of an Aryan community started by Nietzsche’s sister, or Afghanistan to check out merchandise at a black market gun bazaar, or to shoot radioactive boar living at effing Chernobyl, those sly fuckers at Vice hit up some seriously weird and dangerous places on this thing, and live to tell us about it. Figures. AOT
(Available now on DVD)

A tip to anyone trying to convince their favourite eatery to let them put on a punk show: Get a folk singer to be the representative. Ora Cogan and a bunch of noise bands fooled a quaint little Japanese restaurant in the ghetto-est of Vancouver ghettos to let them fuck up their ambience. For shame. (ps. They have amazing karaoke every night. CR
(362 Powell Street–Oct. [email protected])

See Seven has started its 2006-07 season of usually exceptional plays. Pick seven shows for $87, or $77 if you’re a student or artist. We don’t know how they determine who’re artists. Talk about the moon a lot and use the phrases “metaphorical juxtaposition” and “circumabulatory paradigms”
(Info at , tickets at )