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Friday September 15, 2006

Dadaist Birthday Party
Last year, the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas (where W.S. Burroughs died) declared a number of random days throughout the year International Dadaism Month. Blim and FUSE are celebrating with balloon sculptures and something called an “experimental magic show”. Take the zebra out of the bathtub!
(VAG­–6 pm, Sept 24)

Free Art School
Go down to Emily Carr Institute’s lecture theatre at 3:40pm on Sept. 21st, Oct. 5th, 12th, and November 2nd and 23rd for free lectures on Collaboration and Constructivism guest hosted by a whole whack of educated types. Then you can hang out by the smoking doors at the Carr and talk shit and you won’t have to work at Value Village for the rest of your life to pay for it either.

Body Worlds 3
Wouldn’t it be rad if there was a box you could check on the back of your driver’s license – right next to “organ donor” – that said “stripped of skin, holding own brain in hand, riding on the back of a dead skinless horse, and holding said horse’s brain in other hand?”
(Telus Science Dome (WTF)–Sept 15th-Jan 14th)

Art Where Dreams Come True
Caleb “SONIK” Neelon is what happens to street artists when they’re not dying of AIDS or heroin overdoses. Street artists that become pop icons die of AIDS or heroin overdoses. Those that don’t get to travel the world, illustrate children’s books, and lecture at Harvard Law School. Caleb has his head wrapped in cultured street graf and produces ethereal installations around the world with everything as his canvas in adorable breadth.
(LES Studio Gallery–Sept 2-Oct 3)

Classified Ads
Just because free websites are creaming the revenue models of the mainstream media doesn’t mean the Vancouver Sun doesn’t know how to play catch up. Hours after we placed a free Craigslist ad seeking a distro person, the Sun emailed us a pitch touting their Employment Available classified ads. The price for a Sun classified? $60.

Not all of it’s going to be good, but new films by Pedro Almodovar, Aki Kaurismaki, Claude Chabrol, Chris Marker, Darren Aronofsky, Nick Broomfield, Ron Mann, Stephen Frears, Jafar Panahi and new Canadian entries from Carl Bessai, Gary Burns, Ross Weber and even Bruce McCulloch make it worth the price of admission. Maybe.
(Sept 28- Oct.13th)

The Canadian Council for the Arts love to jock electro-acoustic music. It’s deemed more important to building the foundation for culture than, say, everything else. But this event is extremely important for the 14 people who attend, and the graphic designers they employ. We recommend Hrvatski and Lee Hutzulak on the 21st and Circlesquare and Jan Jelinek on the 22nd.
(Open Studios–Sept. 18th-22nd)