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Monday May 15, 2006

Columbine: The Game
It’s gonna be weird.

Montell Jordan
I was going to try and win tickets to Montell Jordan on the Beat 94.5 and then I realised I’d only be going for one song. Which made me realise it would be like going to see Right Said Fred.
Plush–May 28

Continuing its mission to gather some of the world’s deepest documentaries, this year’s festival has got movies about terrorists, insomniacs, and even something called “neo-hillbilly” music. But it’s also your last chance to see the movie State of Mind about the Mass Games in North Korea, where something like a million school children perform in what they claim to be the “biggest and most elaborate human performance on earth.
Schedule at –May 23-28

Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party
The Birthday Party was the very first play I was ever in, followed swiftly by Edward Albee’s The Sandbox and then a nervous breakdown. The play is one of the founding stones of the Absurdist Theatre movement, and still one of the darkest, funniest, bleakest nightmares committed to paper. The play is about a guy having a birthday and two devilish gentlemen who turn up for the festivities. Describing anything more would dull the experience, and we would never do that to you.
Van East Cultural Centre–May 18-27

The Strokes
There’s always a sweet mosh pit when The Strokes come to town. Just don’t scuff your new Chucks.
Plaza of Nations–May 17

Mad Decent podcast
Officially the best free thing on the planet, Diplo is the DJ that all other DJs wish they were. He travels the world, he podcasts the best of what he finds, and he finds the best stuff ever. Normally we’d just let this bubble and you could find out on your own, but the most recent one he did is direct from a post-Katrina New Orleans. It’s all about the bounce, and it is pretty much mandatory.
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