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Saturday April 15, 2006

April 20th Marijuana Thing
Here are two of the many things wrong with the advocates of marijuana’s legalization: 1) It’s generally the only thing that they tend advocate and that is fucking sad considering the amount of people in the world that are having their civil rights and/or their heads trampled on. 2) They look like inbreds.
Gallery Steps–April 20

Jurassic 5
What a great year for music 2000 was. N’Sync had the number one albÃ¥um of the year, “The Thong Song” was huge, The Bloodhound Gang’s Horray For Boobies went Platinum, and J5 released Quality Control… Six years and no new albums later they sell out two nights at the Commodore. Go figure.
Commodore–April 22 & 23

Mates Of State
The last time I saw this band I wanted fall in love, get married, and start a band. I don’t care what people label this band or the music they make. Unless it’s experimental pop with hooks and harmonies that make you hold your own lonely hand – because those people are right.
Plaza–April 21

Vancouver Sun Run
Like the Vancouver Sun itself, the Sun Run was popular ages ago, but gets smaller every year because its fans die of old age.
April 23

Sell Your Story: An Idea Pitching Forum
Struggling writers (who, judging by the Only staff, have no fucking money) get to pay money to pitch book and magazine ideas to a panel of publishers assembled by some guy from Western Living Magazine. There is an opportunity for mingling afterwards… at the same place that Rob Dayton used to host a karaoke night.
Lamplighter–April 25

God Or The Girl
This is basically the reality TV equivalent of Snakes on a Plane.
Sundays at 9 on A&E

Here’s the real question: do black people like Sinbad? Did they maybe just revoke his membership? Because he has just been excluded from every single black event that has taken place in the last decade. He’s not a King of Comedy. He’s not invited to The Soul Train Awards. He doesn’t even get ironically mentioned as an influence. He is literally performing in Richmond. All the time.
River Rock Casino–April 29