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Aa - gAame

an image of the cover of gAame by big a little a

By Cameron Reed

Monday March 12, 2007

Gigantic / Deleted Art
This new Aa full length sounds like the best accidental late night jam you and your friends ever had. That perfect combination of weed, booze and creative juices lapped up in a sweaty, moldy basement full of instruments. These are the best after a long day of lounging and drinking at the beach. The kind of day where you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything, so to amend that everyone runs to the first instrument they can find to create something. This album sounds closest to Animal Collective circa Spirit They’ve Gone/Danse Manatee. Full of percussive-heavy songs, electronic static drones, catchy synth riffs, random yelps and screams: It’s the kind of jam you wake up the next morning hung over wishing you had recorded. Well here it is. Thanks for the memories, Aa.