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Demon's Claws - Satan's Little Pet Pig

An image of the cover of Demon's Claws' Satan's little Pig EP

By Sarah Cordingley

Tuesday February 27, 2007

I love this band, maybe my favorite in our fair country right now, and this record just strengthens that. This is their 2nd full length, their 1st on the best label today, In the Red. Loose, swampy, swimming in reverb, tremelo and echo, pilled up and barely holding itself together, these guys are really fucked up in the right way. It helps that they recorded it with the best dude around, Mike McHugh at the Distillery. If I was making a movie about fucked up ghosts in the old west, i would use the song “Hunting on the 49th” for the soundtrack. Creepy and moody as hell. All the songs on here are killers though, from fucking shit-destroying anthem “Tomcat” to the choppy jangle punk of “Get Together” and the Whiskey drenched country crooner “that old outlaw”. Also, these guys are French as fuck. And awesome.