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Booji Boy High — Doubleshaw 7”

Booji Boy High

By Bradley

Thursday February 15, 2007


It’s just nice to say. Booji Boy High. You like it before you hear it. This is the latest inductee to the DFA legacy and they’re gonna blow your shit outta town. For my money, BBH sounds like a slightly more bubbly, less emotionally absorbed Hot Chip. It’s like the difference between Oprah and Ellen. Essentially they do the same thing but Oprah is fussy and preachy, whereas Ellen just wants to have fun and be a cool lesbian. Naturally, there’s some asinine electro-wanking to put up with (it’s DFA after all) but the compositions shine thorough. If you find Hood too gloomy or you kind of like French house but it burns you out–this is a pleasant glitch/dance compromise. And you can’t fuck with that name.