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Ladies Night/No Feeling - Split 45

Ladies Night/No Feeling - split 45

By only

Sunday October 1, 2006

Seeing Eye Records

There is a man who should tell you exactly what to listen to. His name is DJ Rick–of the best college radio station ever, KVDS in Davis, CA. DJ Rick said that No Feeling is a “nominee in the 2006 Art For Spastics Awards in the ‘most-awesomely-ridiculous-reverb-drench’ category.” I think they’ve got it nailed. Ladies Night probably runs a close second. And I’m pretty sure DJ Rick at least likes them, ‘cause KVDS is putting on a show for them in Davis. If he’s down, so am I. Hey, Seeing Eye Records! Can you please send me a copy of this record (preferably one of the limited edition marble vinyl ones) so that I can get the fuck off MySpace and stop writing such useless reviews? Could you get Levon to sign it? On both sides?