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V/A—Sea And Sea Music Factory

V/A - Sea And Sea Music Factory

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Saturday April 1, 2006

Not Not Fun

Not Not Fun isn’t an indie label, it’s a scene supporting itself, spanning genres and embracing the unconventional. Inclusive to the explorers of sound, NNF sends bands 10,000 leagues under for this nautical-themed comp. Home to some of the best underground noise, experimental, punk and outsider folk from this coast, NNF shares sensibilities with other labels down the West like Deathbombarc, Pacific Rock, Run Down Sun, Isolated Now Waves. Not Not Fun is committed to releasing a selection of shithole back alley art space jams and otherwise invisible recordings. They also run the Bored Fortress 7” club with DBA to keep your collection of split 45’s fresh. Look for the next issue featuring the amazing Death Sentence: Panda.