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Controller Controller - X-Amounts

Controller Controller

By Chuck Ansbacher

Saturday October 15, 2005

Paper Bag Records

It’s hard to know when to accuse a band of ripping off some other band. Did The Rapture steal the bass line from “Out Of The Races And On To The Tracks”? Yeah, not to my knowledge… Oh wait, that’s just the first three songs. They stop trying to be whatever genre after that. More to the point (ooh track five is all sorta noisy and weird and there aren’t lyrics) this album doesn’t jive with Numbers or AIDS Wolf or whatever else we’ve mentioned recently. But! If you’ve been reading Only and wondering when something a lot more listenable (and by listenable I mean could nestle in to a bridging the gap mix tape right betwen “Detatchable Penis” and “Making Plans For Nigel”), and Les Savy Fav is a bit too much for you to handle, then go lean back at this show and don’t go to Deerhoof (track nine is like track five. Skip it if you didn’t like track five).