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Foals, Yip-Yip, Man Man and Thee Oh Sees

By only

Friday April 11, 2008

Foals — Antidotes

Meg: When you read a bio on a band that describes it as being started by a couple of boyhood chums who formerly played in a “cult math rock band” that broke up after becoming too serious, it is pretty hard for me not to hate it. But then again, I would probably hate this band anyway.

Jeph: Yeah, I think it’s fair to say you would have. I could tell that I would hate them just from the fact that they’re a British indie band signed to Sub Pop. That’s not a good combo. But yet again, even without the horrible external facts about the band, I would hate them for their revolting music in a second. Yuck!

Meg: And furthermore, foals are baby ponies and horses. They are not British assholes signed to Sub Pop. These guys give foals a bad name.

Yip-Yip — Two Kings of the Same Kingdom

Jeph was going to dis this band because of how all the songs he heard sounded like they just took a couple loops on their sequencer and then altered them just slightly enough to make different songs. Then he went on their MySpace page and realized that although he was completely right, they also had a cover of “Very Ape”. For those of you who are unsure of what we are getting at, this means that all their songs sound the same, except for the one that sounds like a Nirvana cover. And that one isn’t on this album, so it shouldn’t affect this review, but we still don’t want to be too mean to someone that did a good cover of “Very Ape”. That’s why we are inviting Yip-Yip to our birthday this year.

Man Man — Rabbit Habbits

Jeph: I like every Man Man album. They are one of the only rock bands to come out after the year 2000 that I like. And this album sounds like their other two, but with more doo-wop influence and more Moby Dick references. Can’t complain about that.

Meg: No. You’re right. You can’t complain about that – unless of course you’re bored of white people making music influenced by doo-wop.

Jeph: I’m not bored of that.

Thee Oh Sees — The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

The song “Adult Acid” is right on the money about these guys. Most of this album sounds like what would happen if your parents dropped acid for the first time in thirty years. And sure, if they actually dropped acid and then recorded this, you’d be proud of your parents for what they did. But this band isn’t your parents, so does that make you prouder or disappointed? It just makes us want to do acid.