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Citizen's Rule (anti-campbell compilation)

v/a—Citizen's rule (anti-campbell comp)

By only

Friday May 6, 2005


I always feel a bit awkward listening to political comp albums like this one. The humour is always either too tame and fluffy or way too over the top, and they make me embarrassed and self conscious. The whole time I’m just imagining the rich dudes on the other side sitting around in silk g-strings, drinking warm laxative tea, and laughing at how pathetic and cute us losers on the other side are with our shrewdly named protest songs. And this disc is no different. There are hardly any tracks on here that you’d really want to listen to more than once, and since it’s only coming out a week before the election you aren’t gonna have much of a chance to give it many spins anyways. But still, you fucking hate Campbell, and the proceeds go towards programs whose funding he’s cut. So pony up, but if you really want to affect change, get out and vote.