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drop out and drop in


By David Look

Saturday May 5, 2007

Legitimize your unemployment

For as little as $95.00 a month you can be part of a lovely communal office in Gastown. Workspace has all the fixtures of a progressive office with open concept workstations, eighteen foot ceilings, a coffee bar, a nice view of the harbor, and meeting rooms you can use to procure the hottest of all affairs, the workplace tryst. This is perfect too, if for the past three months you’ve been living a lie because you got laid off and haven’t been able to tell your friends and family yet. Rather than spend a shift worth of hours hiding out at the internet cafe until it’s safe to go home while drinking endless cups of dark roast to use the free internet, why not hook yourself up with a share plan at Workspace. That way any unexpected visits from your significant other, or worse, your mother, can be navigated with ease. Hell for a few extra bucks they might even have someone that you can yell at so you appear ruthless and powerful. Who has to know that all you do there is update your Facebook account all day? Appearance is everything.