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We'd Rather Go Hungry...

By Chuck Ansbacher

Tuesday April 17, 2007

We would never advocate wearing fur, because NO WAY, it is totally not cool to kill animals. Unless… you’re eating them? Or wearing them on your feet? What kind of bullshit selective activism is PETA advocating here? And why are all their spokesmodels big fake-tittied skinny bimbos? Shit yeah they’d rather be naked. That’s what they get paid to do. For a living. Especially that one in the middle. Holly Madison is a gold digging polygamist who, along with a few other sluts, is paid to bang Hugh Hefner on a daily basis. He is old, she is from Alaska. Although she is so dumb she doesn’t know how to cook a hot-dog, she finds a way to eat and love them on her TV show (which rewards and glamorizes her stupidity). And somehow, of all the smart, accomplished, talented people in the world, PETA selected this ridiculously unnatural woman to be their voice. And a voice for what? The ethical treatment of animals? You mean the ones in hot-dogs? Don’t tell us not to wear our fox-fur socks while you suck down on a steak. It is literally the same fucking thing.

Not saying they should change their policy or anything. None of us can even come close to affording fur, and nobody wants to get splashed with a bucket of paint whenever they’re out shoppin’ for some bacon. But seriously, what is the difference between killing a chinchilla and killing a pig? Where are all the “We’d rather go hungry than eat meat” campaigns?

Can’t get mad at an ad like this though.