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Buffie the Body

By Chuck Ansbacher

Friday April 14, 2006

Many of our readers may not know this, but the Buffie the Body interview that I did a while back has received 126 comments so far, and pretty much gets a new one every day. This isn’t self congradulatory or anything. I’m just pointing out that Buffie is still as popular as she is callipygous. Here is the best comment yet, received today:

“buffie im not going to say im and love with you but i would like to be love by you all i need is a good woman and my life and its you im not talking to be playin iwant to get to know you better and fall deep and love but balieve this you will be and love to because i know how to treat a woman like you just give me one chance and i will not love you for body other people hate on you it dont matter the world would just revolve around me and you boo if you woulds mind if you like what you hear call me at 757 626 0403 if im not there please call again when you think im there if you think im like all niggas than just dont call at all no time for games been through to much and my life to go through more shit lifes hard and a perfect relationship can make it easy to buffie ya boy jay one love always”