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"America's Coolest Commercial Radio Station..."

By Chuck Ansbacher

Saturday April 8, 2006

... is now America’s Coolest Commercial Podcast! Yes! Indie 103.1, the radio station that all the most important cool people in L.A. are listening to, is now available for the world! Hey, ever wonder what Billy Bob Thornton is jamming on these days? You know, what music he likes to listen to while he sews tassles on to those weird shitty doo-rags that he wears? You know the ones I mean? The ones he wears when he wears all black leather outfits with black sunglesses and doo-rags like some weird gimpy bounty hunter? Well hey man, they gave him his own radio show so everyone in L.A. could get to know about that straight up real thuggish shit. You know, really learn some shit about a brotha. Word life… But now everyone in the world can know about it. It’s so exciting.