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Last Callout

By David Look

Thursday May 24, 2007

The Sidebar, a staple of the decent place to drink scene that sat underneath the Bosman’s Hotel on Howe Street, has officially closed. We’ve all gotten pretty used to the idea of places that contribute something unique and special to the Vancouver experience closing for all sorts of frustrating reasons, so allow me then to share this one with you. The Sidebar doesn’t exist anymore because the people that bought the hotel are devoutly religious and the thought of people consuming alcohol on the premises was unbearable. The hotel however will still operate, allowing all the sleazy activity that would normally go on in a downtown budget hotel to continue. Just imagine all the dirty sex, alcohol consumption, and people probably even masturbating to pornography, all while in the privacy of their guest rooms. Oh, and apparently the new owners are perfectly okay with bulldozing the whole fucking complex when they will develop the site into condos for maximum profit.

Here is a link to 127 photos tagged with Bosmans on Flickr of people doing that evil that they do so well. The place will be sadly missed.