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Credit Check: Read nonsense for better health

By only

Wednesday September 16, 2009

+10 Megaphone has an excellent feature on Vancouver sex workers and their support systems.

-3 See, this is why people make fun of Surrey: City plans road through Bear Creek Park Here’s a quote from a councillor: “Linda Hepner said she tentatively supports the idea because it does not make sense to have such a large area in the middle of the city without a road through it.” Lady, it’s a park.

+1 According to UBC wonks, reading nonsense makes you smarter. Excellent, because Credit Check reads every day.

-5 Google must really hate newspapers because this Google Flips thing is a real piece of shit.

+1 Ooooh. Transit Police has put out a nationwide warrant. Credit Check believes the bus cops had smiles on their faces all morning long, wanking it off later in the day to make it perfect.

+5 From last year but a good read: British food writer puts the beat down on a copy editor.

Today: +9 This Year: +98