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Credit Check: Everything is going to be all right

By only

Tuesday September 15, 2009

-1 Vancouver Police bust grow-op. The one around the corner from the station.

+10 City Councillor Heather Deal makes passionate plea for mental health advocate. Which would have been a lot more impressive if she had made it two years ago when her party was in power. What? Her party is in power now?

-1 The latest Arthur Erickson abortion is again a possibility.

+25 Then there is this about the BC Liberals they continue to sign modern treaties.

+10 This is some CityCaucus story about housing but the salient bit is that condo marketer Bob Rennie has made a neon sign for his Chinatown office that says EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT Which is awesome because he spelt ‘All Right’ incorrectly. (And calling it an art piece is no excuse.)

Today: +43 This Year: +89