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Credit Check: Justice Rocks this weekend

By only

Friday August 28, 2009

+20 You should definitely head out to Justice Rocks in Grandview Park, Saturday. (And you know that Victory Square is skipping this year, right? Right.)

-1 Tazer trial lawyers are disturbed by Mountie email. Disturbed because all four Mounties testified to one thing yet the email says something quite different.

-5 The Vancouver Sun thinks that public-private partnerships have been a success and BC Place should use one. Here’s an idea, Vancouver Sun, why don’t you go through all the PPP’s that have been created in the past 12 years and look at which ones have actually been successful, then you might have that certain something that makes people want to actually buy a newspaper.

-1 Nine new senators are appointed and their bios are making Credit Check sick.

-5 So a Park Board commissioner gets drunk, drives a car into a house, and gets a loan for alcohol counseling and it’s the loan that people are upset about? Oh, the NPA is upset because it was a Vision commissioner. Whatever.

+15 C’mon, kids, let’s put on a TV station!

Today: +23 This Year: +38