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Credit Check: Brava City Caucus

By only

Wednesday August 19, 2009

+5 Really? Bill Vander Zalm is back and he’s campaigning against the HST? Any opportunity for more Zalmster humiliation is worth a +5 from Credit Check.

-1 Gambling online sounds like fun. So the BC NDP must be agin’ it.

-5 Some company launches controversial campaign™ then apologises™ for it to great media coverage Did the fact that the apology™ was on Twitter not give you any pause for thought?

+25 OMG. CityCaucus went to LA and was shocked, shocked to find that freeways ruin a city. And they promise to do, and this is a quote, ‘everything possible to ensure that it never happens [in Vancouver.]’ An unbelievable volte-face by team CityCaucus. But what will their backers think?

Today: -+24 This Year: -9