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Credit Check: We're Good At Hotel

By only

Tuesday August 4, 2009

+10 Toyota raises outlook for the year Remember that movie GungHo? Michael Keaton has to be behind this.

+8 Student sues school because she can’t get a job This makes perfect sense to us, so just shut the hell up.

0 Viral Wedding Video Gives Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ A Boost You mean until he got wasted at a bowling alley, tried to hit on a 13-year old, and then was forcibly removed from said bowling alley. But how about that wedding troupe! Now there’s a career in the making. WORLD TOUR ALERT!

-16 Wearing the kirpan is considered a central requirement of the Sikh faith and it is meant to symbolize courage, dignity and a follower’s readiness to defend the weak and oppressed. Fuck yeah! Down with weak and oppressed! What emo fag doesn’t want to stand beside some dude wearing one of those when Calgary holds a replacement show for Punjabi star’s stopped concert

-33 study adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests heavy drinking is hazardous to one’s health but snot nosed wine drinkers will live forever.

Today: +50 This Year: You know what, I’m proud of these cars.