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Credit Check: Hot as balls

By only

Tuesday July 28, 2009

-5 EI numbers are at a record high since 1997. Which doesn’t strike this guy as much of a story since it’s a fucking recession, but hey, the news doesn’t make itself. (It totally does.)

0 The B.C. government is considering easing the Harmonized Sales Tax burden on restaurants. Basically everybody still gets R’ed, but Chill Winnie’s gets an apology afterwards.

+2 Whitehouse spokesman Robert Gibbs says what everyone’s thinking – internet + conspiracy theory = Forget about it Obama, it’s Birther town. Am I the only one who thinks Birther sounds like a mediocre horror movie starring Amy Smart as an innocent reporter travelling to Asia on assignment, only to discover a remote village with a horrifying secret?

+10 Wired Magazine interviews Somali pirates. Do you need more?

+? A whale carcass is going to be lowered into the seabed near Vancouver Island and then become an island of life? No idea what that means, but you should see this whale. Shit is huuuuuuge.

Today: +7 This Year: Seriously, how does this formula work?