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Credit Check: It's Car-free week - for politicians

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Monday July 20, 2009

+5 Credit Check would have given this story +10 because it reports that two of Marc Emery’s associates were given probation. It lost 5 checks because the professional journalists who are so much better than their poor Internet cousins can’t write a headline in English or spell Emery correctly. (For posterity: ‘Pot activists, Emercy associates given probation in U.S. court’)

+10 How often does anyone get to use Skookumchuk in a headline? Well done! And good on not drowning, lads!

+25 Holy cow. did something good. They challenged Metro Vancouver politicians to go car free for a week. Credit Check can only assume it is because they want Metro Vancouver politicians to give up on foisting useless bike lanes and infrequent transit to a hard done-by public, but it’s a good idea nonetheless. Kudos.

+10 Over at Megaphone, they’ve been nominated for more journalism awards.

Today: -25 This Year: -23