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Credit Check: Small Pox Blankets now with Vancouver 2010 logo

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Thursday July 16, 2009

-25 The Federal Government has made a prioritised list of who gets the new flu vaccine. In last place: First Nations.

-5 While it is probably hard enough being Bill Vander Zalm’s kid, Florist Wim Vander Zalm says the Burrard Bike lane is ruining his Hornby Street business. His evidence? “Sales were down by 46 per cent compared day-to-day with last year.” Because the economy is just that good.

-5 Also hating the Burrard Bridge bike lane. A guy who ran as a park board candidate for the NPA.

+10 Law-talking guy says that police will be breaking the law if they search the Olympic-related public in the street without cause.

Today: -25 This Year: -23