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Credit Check: Merritt Mountainmess

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Tuesday July 14, 2009

+5 Our long, provincial nightmare is over: Merrit Mountainfest cancelled due to lack of interest. The Sun, Province, CBC TV, and Global, and CityTV usually spend an inordinate amount of time every year covering this abortion – for naught. Maybe, and this is a long shot, they will figure out that the population of BC is essentially an urban population and there is a vast, fragmented taste in culture that is not being sated for non-truck flipping, man-done-wrong doin’ music, film, and art. Credit Check assumes, however, that the extra space will be filled with copy from

+25 The Downtown Ambassadors are being sent to a human rights commission hearing.’ Must feel humiliating to be told to go somewhere by someone claiming their rights supersede yours.

+20 In the least shocking surprise ever, the Burrard Bridge bike lane trial had a good first day. Even CityCaucus said so! But, not ones to give up so easily, they ask, Will it be such a good idea on a different day?

-5 Ottawa reinstates visas for Mexicans and Czechs. Which blows because Mexico and the Czech Republic will soon retaliate and impose visas on Canadians who want to visit, which happened last time they did this.

Today: +40 This Year: +2