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Credit Check: Stick this in your arm

By only

Wednesday July 8, 2009

-1 Credit Check was happy to link to this nice story about the Royal Couple of Japan visiting the Downtown Eastside but the article writer went a little nutty describing the hood. Hiroshima was nuked. Rod Mickleburgh seems to write that the DTES is worse.

-1 What is it with the ‘progressive’ parties that make them treat people who need a hand worse than the right-wing parties do?. Also, some NDPers are unhappy with the party’s direction.

-20 Orwell alert. BC Liberals introduce daily charges to use the court system and call it better and ‘cheaper.’

+10 Canada’s original needle exchange programme shuts down after 29 years. The +10 is for a job well done.

Today: -8 This Year: -3