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Credit Check: Also, phrenology

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Tuesday June 23, 2009

-5 Happy ending ends with gunfire.

+5 Credit Check is sick and tired of yet another Naked Man runs off with Fast Food story.

-5 Pulp and paper bailout. Seal clubbing enthusiasm. Now we are supporting Asbestos. Honestly, when will we start funding research into phlogiston?

+5 This story on small BC cities redeveloping their downtowns is all well and good but when Credit Check was living in Prince George in 1980, the plan then was to put a dome over the entire downtown.

+5 RainCity housing has the solution to bed bugs: cook the bastards.

+25 Megaphone has an excellent issue on the politics of food But don’t be cheap and click the link – buy it from your local vendor.

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