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Credit Check: The evolution of statehood

By only

Monday June 22, 2009

+5 What? First the Province criticised the actions of the Vancouver Police (albeit when one of their own was affected), now they admit to climate change. Next thing you know, they’ll be saying that having an unemployment rate is a fixed part of the capitalist system and poor people should not be demonised.

+5 How can a province that continually re-elects Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper think that inviting US president Barack Obama would be a cool thing to do? You know, there are people left of Salazar here too, you know.

-25 Bad Lieutenant Report Oh, here’s a shocker. The Mounties circulated an email that says the Airport 4 planned to taser Robert Dziekanski, before they even encountered him.

-5 The Federal Science Minister is funding a strange conference on Israel/Palestinian relations. We don’t even want to know what twisted fantasy this guy has that puts the Israel/Palestinian in the context of science.

-10 DTES rents through the roof, says report

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