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Credit Check: Rover, do you like movies about gladiators?

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Thursday June 18, 2009

-10 The downsizing of newspapers and magazines is causing a great loss, so the Federal Government wants to bail them out. Not bail out journalism – but the mills that are failing due to lessened need for pulp and paper.

-5 Think people’s shitting and puking brats are bad enough on a transatlantic flight? Now they can bring their dogs.

+25 Here’s a boffo idea: When cops are involved in something that may be criminal, don’t let them get together to work out their story.

-5 As obviously nobody jaywalks, litters, or walks around with double-popped collars in Kitsilano, Vancouver Police continue combatting their war against tiny crimes in the DTES.

Today: +10 This Year: 0