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Credit Check: Sail the Mighty Fraser

By only

Wednesday June 17, 2009

-10 Condos for rich people, which had the social housing component removed to attract private investors, requires an additional $15m taxpayer investment.

-5 How to game online text-ads: Click on your competitors ads until they run out of money and only your own ads still run.

-5 Vancouver Sun covers a non-story entirely by referring to websites and Facebook rather than their lauded professional journalists

0 In an effort to increase sales, Blackberries now include porn. Also, the story says ‘BC Family finds porn on their Blackberry.’ Family? Did they pass it around to become outraged in turn?

+10 Albion Ferries listed for sale on Craigslist. for $1 million each. Unfortunately, they don’t accept PayPal.

Today: -10 This Year: -10