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Credit Check: Megaphone One Year Birthday tomorrow!

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Thursday June 11, 2009


Megaphone Door Prizes Are So Off the Hook, They Have a Dial Tone. TOMORROW

-1 Vancouver City Hall revokes licence of the Only Oh no! What will we ever do now?

-10 Do you have something to say, Vancouver Province? Compare these two headlines: CBC Police rule out husband as suspect in killing of Vancouver jogger and The Province Cops rule out husband in Ladner-Beaudry murder – for now

+5 Vancouverite figures out the proper method of dealing with intrusive media: Egg ‘em on.

+5 CityCaucus trolls for comments: Pit bulls don’t belong in big cities. Vision nitpicking not bringing in enough traffic?

-10 Youth give Vancouver abysmal grades in housing and poverty

Today: -11 This Year: -13