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Credit Check: Ubought it, Usell it

By only

Tuesday May 26, 2009

+5 Megaphone has an excellent first-person account of “paranoid schizophrenia.”:’s_account_how_she_learned_cope_her_mental_illness.html

-10 Translink is pissed that students are selling their U-Passes on Craigslist. It’s not the selling that angers them – because, so what. The person selling it paid for it and only one person can use it – it’s that it was built into the system that many people would pay for it and NOT USE IT. Getting people to ride busses is not the business that Translink is in.

-5 The Death of Mainstream Media. The CBC reports that Canadian singer Allison Crowe is turned away from the UK for not having the right permits without mentioning that Canada has the exact same system.

+5 Even Gregor Robertson wants to have high—-speed rail to Seattle. Although, he may change his mind and advocate high speed cars with a small lane for busses.

Today: -5 This Year: +39