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Credit Check: Smile for the fist

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Monday April 6, 2009

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15. submissions@&#109å;

-15 Bad Lieutenant Report Vancouver Police shoot guy then take camera from Province photographer. Do the VPD not know that the last people who unquestioningly support police brutality work for the Province? You don’t want to fuck over your last cheerleader.

+15 Megaphone has a very interesting special issue devoted to pets and the homeless. Credit Check likes this story in particular, where the SPCA notes that while the person may be homeless, an accompanying dog isn’t. It’s already at home.

+1 Oh look, the needed debate on the Single Transferable Ballot is going to be facile and brief. Which was, interestingly, the original name for the Province.

-1 ‘Oh, Diane Watts, Mayor of Surrey, I, Daniel Fontaine of CityCaucus love you. Mwuh Mwuh Mwuh Mwuh. ‘If only you were mayor of every city in Metro Vancouver, it would be paradise on Earth. And there would be 21 of you. Plus one ‘Unincorporated.’ Rrrwow!

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