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Credit Check: The future has arrived

By only

Friday March 20, 2009

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-1 CBC headline: Vancouver porn theatre may get XXXed. XXX? Assed? Pooed? What’s the word?

+5 In today’s episode of Straw Man Theatre, a “guy from the Globe says Ask a Canadian who John A. Macdonald is, and he won’t know.

-1 Woodward’s architect figures he’s a fucking hero because he had to consider people who don’t subscribe to Architectual Digest

+20 Fifteen years ago, in Terminal City our news editor said it was a waste of money to build the new Central Library and they should invest in eBooks instead. The fucking chickens have come home to roost.

Today: -+22 This Year: +40