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Credit Check: Whitecaps, Whitecaps is our name!

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Thursday March 19, 2009

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-1 Former Coquitlam mayor is not just arrested for a felony, but for grand theft trailer.

-30 Once again, surveillance cameras are surreptitiously attempted. Really, why not just have a police officer walking around where you stick the fucking camera if that area is so crime-ridden? That way, the cop can bust the perp if the crime happens 25 feet to the left of the viewing angle.

-1 The CBC says the name of the new Vancouver Major League Soccer club is still unconfirmed . Even though that Whitecaps have, in every instance, said the Whitecaps have applied to join the MLS.

-10 The Federal Government wants the US to place border offices waaay inland on Canadian soil. Creepy.

-10 Former Vancouver Police chief wants the original tape that allegedly records excessive force by Victoria Police. It will be stored safely with the Frank Paul tape at the Houston, BC police department.

-1 Story on News1130: ‘David Eby, with the BC Civil Liberties Association, says he’s still worried residents of the city’s worst neighbourhood will continue to be targeted in the months leading up to the Olympics.’ Headline to that story: All hail the VPD

Today: -52 This Year: +18